I directed this music video for Los Angeles based hip-hop group, Suspect Ed, and their single “One Cup” about a woman dealing with the consequences of her alcoholic past.

What made this project such an engaging one was how each element came together. The lead dancer, Kyleen Likas, I had worked before with, but she connected me to actor, Eugene Prokofiev. It was my first time working with him and I thought he was absolutely fantastic. 

The location came about as I was trying to figure out where I coudl get a free open space, that I could run electricity to. After consulting with the band, I discovered one of them lived next to the culdesac at which the video was filmed. The other great thing about being able to shoot here was the fact that we would not only be able to run electricity, but would be able to run a hose to wet down the ground, to achieve the wet texture I was hoping for.

Lastly, the car.  This was truly a lucky find. While cruising around Pomona one day, I drove by a gas station and saw the car their, parked. I could see the driver was in the vehicle, so I swung around and pulled right up next to him and asked–hey, I love your car.  Would you be up for renting it to me for a music video? The driver was an older Mexican man. Kind of a cholo type–tattoos, the whole nine yards. But he was super friendly and was down to let me borrow it. We stayed in touch over the next week few weeks and when the shoot came, he showed up right on time.

These serendipitous moments are what make filmmaking stressful, but also incredibly amazing at the same time.


Kyleen Likas

Eugen Prokofiew


Cinematographer: Logan Regnier

Choreographer: Jowaan Sullivan

Direction/Edit: Jason Ho

PA: Diana Saucedo