Shooting sexy swimsuits on the beach

SUN SETS, sex appeal rises…the Instagram vibe video I shot for Stellar Dust Resort Wear was a sexy bikini beach video inspired by 80’s Playboy magazines and 80’s swimsuit calendars. I indulged in the aesthetic any red-blooded man of the 80’s would enjoy gazing at.


How to achieve a vintage sexy look

The first step to achieve the sexy bikini beach video look was to get her wet. Our talent, Emary, took a dip in the waters of Hermosa Beach, wetting down both her bikini and skin. Water on skin gives a smooth texture which subconsciously signals sexual arousal, perfect for creating sexy vibes. Next, I placed her against the setting sun. This gave her an orange edge light, catching her wet skin and separating her apart from the background.


Simplifying colors

Another way to capture the sexy bikini beach video vibe was to simplify colors. To do this, I shot at sunset when the sky turned light lavender, similar to the cool grey color of the swimsuit. The lavender contrasted the fleeting orange sunset, necessary to reflect the warmth of summer. An entirely cool color palette wouldn’t lend itself towards the idea of paradise.


Equipment I used to shoot the video

I filmed this using a Sony A7iii mounted on a Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal, with a mixture of different prime lenses. The wide shots were captured on a 24 mm lens. A wide angle establishes location and gives the viewer a sense of space. The remaining shots used an 85 mm lens to separate Emary from the background. The big trick here was to keep the camera just below her eyeline to transform it from a video with a normal point of view, to images that begin to feel cinematic and elevated.


Capturing a beautiful booty shot

Let’s talk about the ass shot. 

This shot was designed to bring us closer to the textures of everything; the smoothness of the suit, the goose bumps of her skin, and the flow of the water all combined into one image.

Not to mention just getting a great shot of a nice ass. 

Asses seem to be everywhere these days, but even in this video, I wanted it to feel more 80’s and less 2020 Instagram ass shot.