The perfect tools for the at-home DIY handyman. RAK Pro Tools hired Dream Nineteen to make a commercial that highlighted their product with cocky charm and humor.

The project started with a phone call between Jason (CEO, Dream Nineteen) and Ricky (Owner of RAK). He saw Jason’s work and wanted something in that same style, so Jason got to work concepting an idea that would bring a sense of proud bravado and charm to RAK Pro Tools. 

Up until this point, RAK existed with an Amazon store front and a nicely designed, clean website that also acted as a second storefront.

Jason’s responsibility was to create a world that would establish the brand attitude of RAK. Jason’s action-packed, cocky style came through in the lead character, a no-nonsense, bullet-chewing tough guy who wants to get things done.

Saleem Reshamwala penned the script and added the perfect amount of punchy lines and character development, all while clearly explaining what the product is, and how it will make your life better.

The role was brought to life by the incredibly talented Rogelio Camarillo Jr (Better Call Saul). Him and Jason had a fantastic time bringing out his nuances and personality on set, and had both client and crew laughing.