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This blog is where I write in detail about the projects I’ve worked on and how to become a director. If there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss, contact me under the HIRE ME tab.

Commercial shoot using a green screen

This commercial for Lucky Charms cereal required a scene with a superhero standing on a mountain top. Originally, my plan was to bring in real rocks or foam, and carve out an actual mountain top. My thinking was by using practical effects, it would give us...

Funny character names

The original script for this commercial was really funny. As the director, I wanted to give the store manager character more personality, so I thought it would say a lot about her, as well as a create a funny moment if she cared about your sponges more than her...

How to train yourself to write everyday

 Do you find yourself always procrastinating? C’mon now, you can tell your homeboy JHo. I, too, have procrastinated on things I don’t like to do in the past. My main procrastination was writing. Lordy did I not like sitting down to write. My brain is more...

Ask talented people to work with you

Asking people who are really good at something to work with you can make your work a lot better. It's pretty obvious, but for me it was a great reminder to put this into practice when I met vintage clothing specialist Jen Palmer and asked if she'd be...

Punching Up a Script for a Social Media Video

How do you take a script you've been given for a social media video and punch it up to make it even more fun to watch? This was the challenge I had when working on a video for a new apartment complex. The first thing writer Sarah Edwards did was take...

Creating props out of cardboard

 Japanese toy company Kotobukiya hired me to direct a commercial for their Samurai Sword Chopsticks. The commercial features a "magical machine" that transforms regular chopsticks into Samurai Sword Chopsticks.We made the machine out of cardboard, and here...


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